Rue Pouchkine

A window to Russian culture


I made my first trip to Russia in 1971.
It was the beginning of a life’s passion.

Over the past 50 years, I have lived, worked and made hundreds of trips there, during which I discovered exceptional craftsmanship and amazingly talented artists. Fascinated over 20 years ago, I decided, to change my life and dedicate myself exclusively to making them known in France and Europe. Already a passionate collector, I became a gallery owner, art buyer and designer of tailor-made exhibitions.
The pieces of art I select and sell are original and often unexpected..
Look at them closely, they will make you dream and travel.
Let me share with you how I ended up promoting the Russian culture when my life did not really predispose me to it.
Forget the clichés, I invite you to discover a completely different Russia…

It is high time we rekindled the stars… Guillaume APPOLINAIRE



Exceptional Craftsmanship
Artworks with soul

I am very happy to share all my discoveries with you. All the pieces are carved, painted and lacquered by hand. Take the time to look at them closely and you will feel the soul that the artists have infused them with … some of these pieces have required months of craftmanship!

Here, nothing is made of resin, nothing is manufactured in tens or hundreds of copies, everything is unique!
I have known these artists personally for over 30 years, you can acquire their art with full trust.

By buying these exceptional and rare art pieces we also contribute to keeping this craftsmanship alive, allowing them to live in dignity from their art, and perpetuate the transmission of skills that would otherwise disappear. The human must keep its central place and the beautiful all its meaning.

“Beauty will save the world!” said DOSTOIEVSKI
…. And he added, “Man will save beauty!”

Let’s make sure that tomorrow, these artists can continue to surprise and move us with their craft and their creativity. We must be proud to preserve our differences and uniqueness, passing this on to the next generations for a varied, colorful, authentic and sincere world. We need a world for our children that is neither cold nor uniform, with its soul shining bright.

Tailor-made exhibitions

For each place, its own exhibition !

For over 20 years I have been creating exhibitions and staging the history, traditions and talents of Russia. My intention is to have people discover this country, a country that is unfortunately still poorly understood and little known, whether in France, Europe or further abroad. I have always aimed to offer an unexpected journey through Russia, surprising and delighting visitors. To date, more than 2 million people have attended my exhibitions and have been seduced. Records of attendance have been beaten wherever these exhibitions  have been presented.

“Sumptuous, wonderful exhibition!”
“What a dream, what a delight is your Russia!”
“What a wonderful journey!”
“Thank you for making us dream so much!”
“What a delight, what an emotion!”
“Sublime, we leave with tears in our eyes, but full of happiness! «
” Very happy moments in this exhibition, where the heart and the mind rub shoulders.”

Do not hesitate to contact me to create an exhibition that surpasses your expectations and wishes.
I will stand for its uniqueness and your visitors will love to wander around the exhibit.


embark on a journey through beauty

 It is my pleasure to invite you to a special meditation, and embark on a journey through beauty, kindness, tenderness, hoping with all my heart that it will make you feel good.
It involves, of course, Russian art creations to let you step out into another dimension, bring you rest and relaxation, transport you away, and escape from everyday life that can be burdensome.
Lend me some minutes of your time to enter a world filled with calm and serenity.
Share with all these artists from Russia the best qualities they have ingrained in beautiful objects made from wood, salt dough, papier-maché and porcelain.
I sincerely wish you happiness after having completed this short journey in my company!
Looking forward to meeting you very soon, for real!


by Pascale Bastianelli

It is my pleasure to introduce you to “My Russia”, an eternal diary that I have composed from the heart in order to tell you my story of Russia, and take you on a year-long journey to this country which has been a part of my life for more than 40 years.
A whole year to discover my story with Russia, share my memories, my encounters, my loves (my passion), my emotions.

I have put a lot of myself into this project… it was a way of prolonging through narratives and images the talks we began together in my gallery or at my exhibitions.
I hope that you take as much enjoyment in reading it through as I took in plunging into my memory to write it! If you wish to discover a preview you can download a few pages!

Price : 22 €