Four Russian small towns are well-known in the world for their miniatures: FEDOSKINO, PALEKH, MSTIORA and KHOLYUÏ.
First of all, allow me to apologize for the quality of these photos which does not represent the value of these objects. They happen to be very hard to photograph because of the glossy finishes. I hereby undertake to do better next time.
These treasures involved weeks, sometimes even months of personal work before they could be presented to you. Once, I invited an artist to one of my exhibitions, someone asked him how much time would it take to paint one of those little boxes. I remember him saying : « I’m afraid i can’t answer that question, but know that it takes much, much longer than you can imagine. »… I really liked his answer, because, by spending hours watching them work, I can assure you that in one afternoon, they only get a few things done. So please, enjoy, because each time you will look at these tiny wonders, you will find a new detail that you had not noticed before and it starts to tell us a whole different story. It’s magical!

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