Russian Christmas

The Russians celebrate Christmas on the night of January 6th and 7th.
In Russia, Santa Claus is called Father Frost. He is the hero of many Russian tales. Some think he is directly related to the God of the North Wind himself, who inspired the very first pagan Slavic generations.
Father Frost is the Christmas King. He always keeps an eye on the mountains, the forests, the villages and all their inhabitants, and he also has the heavy duty to take care of the snow, the cold, the frost and the wind during the eternal months of winter. He brings comfort and guides anyone who has to suffer from the cold.
Father Frost is a giving and elderly man. His ending is close which makes him eager to share his story and his long life wisdom (Often embodied by his hood or the bag he carries along) with all these kids around him, waiting for him. He is a wise man, kind and reassuring.

Every Father Frost / Santa Claus are made out of linden wood. Entirely handcrafted, from sculpting to painting. All of them are original creation from Russian artist : Elena, Sergueï, Sacha, Elvira, Tania, Natalia, Olga, Lioudmila, Irina, Nina, Igor, Vassily, Larissa, Volodia, who all wish you a warm merry Christmas.
Do not put them away after Christmas eve, they will look after you all year long.

The Little Snow Maiden or Sniegourotchka.
She is the grand daughter of Father Frost and daughter of the Spring Princess. Most famous folk tales’ heroin, and Father Frost’s faithful companion at all times.
Snowmen and Snow-women have a very important place in Russian kids’ cartoon. A perfect time to dress them in traditional Russian gowns and play fun roles. Those I present to you are a real delight, that will perfectly fit into your Christmas set up.
Feel free to contact me if you wish to see anymore models from another price range. I have a big collection of them but too big to photograph entirely. See you very soon.

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