Egg – The Virgin of Kazan

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Magnificent icon of the Virgin of Kazan painted on an egg, carved out of massive linden wood.
Surprising work : 
Try to imagine the hours of work spent by the one who carved the egg and the pedestal, the one who painted the pedestal, and finally the one who applied the laquer ( 20 layers of laquer, that’s all!)
Many months of work in total!
Take your time to really look at it, the painter used both paint working golden leaf technique within the composition.
The virgin of Kazan is amazing – on the back, the Trinity after the work of Andrei RUBLEV
 very rare gem, artists usually never make these kind of piece.
The egg ’s dimension are 30 cm (11.8 inches high) and the pedestal is 17 cm high. (6,7 inches high)

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